Global Members

Prof. Ramachandram Periasamy

International Trainer - Haggai Institute Associate Trainer for John Maxwell’s Leadership Program

Prof. Rama was born and raised in Singapore and works with the Singapore Civil Service. A former Republic of Singapore Airforce Officer, he retired as a MAJOR after 26 years of service. During his tenure in the Air Force, he led two humanitarian missions to Gujarat, India and Pakistan and served as defence counsel in the military court. Having retired from the Airforce, he now serves as an Operations Executive in the civil service. Rama is an international faculty for Haggai Institute and also a qualified associate trainer for John Maxwell’s leadership program called “Equip”. He has conducted leadership/evangelism training/seminars in 14 different countries. He holds a LLB, Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Singapore Institute of Management. Headquarter: Singapore Email:

Prof. Luiz Antonio de Lacerda

Director and Head Trainer of RTE - Training Network - Brazil

Prof. Lacerda is an Administrator with a Masters in Business Management By EBAPE / FGV-RJ, founder of the Training Network - Rede de Treinamento Empresarial (RTE) and holds the positions of general director, lecturer and instructor of RTE and Abracoaching / BCI. Behavioral Coach formed by the IFT (Massaru Ogata). He studied technology and systems and English at Harrow on The Hill in London, England. Lacerda is Professor of Verbal Expression and Oratory formed by Professor Reinaldo Polito. Specialist in Coach Clinic, certified by Corporate Coach U, Master Certified Coach - Wise Institute, certified by BCI at Abracoaching, Member of ICF.
Headquarter: Espírito Santo - Brazil

Profª. Ana Pedroso

IACT Ambassador - Europe
Anna Mikii® International Institute

Ana Pedroso is the Founder and CEO of Anna Mikii International. Graduated in Business Management, Accounting, Auditing, and sales management, is a negotiator of excellance, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author of training programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople and for those seeking high performance in their results.

Director and CEO of the Anna Mikii® International Institute, Human Development Project for Happiness NeuroEmotional Manager - Creator of the LifeFulness® Method, Live For Now Only! Master Coach and International Coaching Trainer;

Meta Coach (ACMC) with international certification by Meta Coach Foundation with specialization in NeuroSemantics;
Master and Trainer in NeuroLinguistics Programming (NLP);
Accessing Personal Genius, specialist Life Coach Educator.

International Trainer, Professional Lecturer and Facilitator of Self-Knowledge Training in Brazil, USA and Europe Motivational Lecturer, Executive Consultant in organizations Certified Hay Teacher in the Heal Your Life® Method, based on Louise Hay's philosophy, "Love Yourself and Heal Your Life" Certified Meditation Teacher at the Chopra Center, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon in California, San Diego, Primordial Sound Meditation Educator Mentor of the Anna Mikii Pedagogical Method - Building a New Practical Education in Schools and Universities Manager and Superior Technician in Educational Management of Public Schools and Private Colleges specializing in Special Educational Needs (SEN) Experience as Pedagogical Director, Team Management & Leadership in Companies and Schools of Excellence around the World Ericksonian Hypnotherapist (Hypnosis and PVR)

Headquarter: Portugal - Europe

Juçara Tonet Dini

Regional Director - Teach Beyond International

Juçara is Regional Director of Teach Beyond - A International Organization that works in over 40 countries with more than 65 international schools (K-12), universities, national schools, and start-ups, sponsoring educational events in eight countries. She also director of Dinamica Comunicação Empresarial, where she has been working for 33 years in the construction and development of strong brands, including Press Advisory services; Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Integrated Communication; Relationship Strategies with Influencers and cultural production. It acts strategically to give visibility, credibility and result to its clients in transformed companies and organizations with more diverse profiles in information sources.
Headquarter: Caxias do Sul - Brazil

Prof. Dale Brant

IACT Ambassador - Latim America
CEO - Wise Institute International

Dale Brant is an International Business Coach & Trainer with experience in USA, Latin America and Africa with leader trainings and coaching transformation of communities and organizations. Prof. Brant have 20 years of experience in Sales Management, Human Resources and Training at multinationals companies such as Unilever, Bunge, Danone and Robert Half International. He is a Master Coach certified by seven recognized international institutions such as Center for Advanced Coaching and European Coaching Association; Graduated in Advanced Leadership at Haggai Institute - Hawaii-USA; Graduated in Theology - with extension in Dallas Theological Seminary - GPA in Dallas- TX and Communications, Public Relations, and post Grad in Marketing and Business Management from FGV- SP. Prof. Brant specializes in behavioral training using Neuroliguistical Programming and Experiencial Learning from Harvard Univerity for transformation of leaders and organizations. He is a creator of Mindshift Program.
Headquarters: Latin America: Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Prof. Peter Esteves

International Trainer & Regional Representative - Haggai Institute International

Prof. Peter has been training leaders for 20 years in many countries. Certified business and life coach, large experience as a facilitator and motivational speaker. He is the Haggai International representative for Brazil, an international speaker on effective communication skills, and a certified business coach. He has already been the Regional Manager of Brasas English Course in Valqueire, RJ and the principal of Maple Bear Canadian School in Macaé, RJ. He has a B.A. in Education from UERJ, and a post-graduation degree in Business Management from Fundação Getulio Vargas. He is a member of the Alumni Association of the Brazilian War College and he has Certificates of English Proficiency from both the Michigan State University and Cambridge State University. He attended the Haggai Institute Advanced Leadership Seminar in 2005 and the Faculty Development Seminar in 2007, both in Singapore.
Headquarter: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Prof. Dr. Adriano Faria

CEO of Instituto Coaching

Master Coach, certified by the European Institute of Coaching Association, Behavioral Coaching Institute and International Association of Coaching. Trainer by Solides LCC International. Graduated from the University of Ohio, USA in Leadership and Coaching Certification, bringing to Brazil the most modern and innovative coaching in the world. PhD in Education from Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná - UTP. He holds a Master's degree in Education from the same University. Graduated in 5 undergraduate courses: Philosophy, Theology, Marketing, Pedagogy and Law. He has eight specializations, among them: Post-Graduation in Positive Psychology; Post-graduation in Teaching Methodology in Higher Education; MBA in Management and Strategic Planning - Mental Maps and Specialization in Coach. He is recognized by the market as a leader, mentor, creative, methodical, dynamic, self-taught and truly a life-transformer. In the last years, he directed his work, in a significant way together with several Brazilian entrepreneurs and icons who, in the midst of the economic crisis, found through the process of coaching re-significances and achievements for his personal and professional life. He is also Director of the EduSol Education Institute, Manager of the poles linked to the UNINTER University Center, where he acts as a teacher in undergraduate courses and several specialization courses. He has several books published in the areas of Education, Marketing, Ethics, Philosophy, Leadership, Executive Life and Coach.
Headquater: Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Gilberto Wiesel

Master Coach & Trainer

Gilberto Wiesel is a senior coach and certified trainer with renowned international institutions such as the European Coaching Association (ECA), Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI), Global Coaching Community (GCC). He specialized in the USA with Anthony Robbins, considered the greatest Coaching of the present time. Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Member of Time Line Therapy based in Hawaii-USA. In the last 20 years, it has given lectures to over 500,000 people in Brazil and abroad. He has attended to CEOs and Executives of the corporate world, companies and institutions renowned in Brazil and in the world, such as: Mistsubishi, General Motors, John Deere, Bank of Brazil, Sebrae, Bayer, Basf, Dupont, Unimed, Novartis, Boticário, among others. Graduated in Business Administration, Entrepreneur, Marketing and Marketing Specialist. Creator of several courses of personal development, leadership, sales and motivation.

Prof. Jonathan La Crette

Principal - Education Leadership - Government of Grenada (Ministry of Education)

La Crette have been involved in Education for the past sixteen years and his professional experience in education specifically centres on youth leadership and development, organizational change, and strategic leadership and management. Additionally, as a high school Principal leading a staff of over seventy and a school population of over four hundred, Leadership, administration and management in the system is his daily Modus Opernadi. As the representative for the Principals Association of Grenada, on the Grenada Union of Teachers Executive. This seat of leadership is pivotal to the state, as it relates to diplomacy and the continued existence of a mutual relationship between the actors involved. Moreover, leading youth conventions, rallies, seminars, and conferences forms part of both my professional and spiritual leadership and training. Leadership is my currency.
Headquarter: Grenada - Central America

Carol Costa

Head Trainer e Master Coach certified by Instituto Coaching. She is Personal and Professional Coach, Graduated in Business and Executive Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis Applied to Coaching. Business and Executive in the area of Education for more than 15 years and a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), with an MBA in Leadership and Management Development from the EBS Business School. He participated in several training courses for entrepreneurs, among them, Empretec - Sebrae, which was a great milestone for his business performance. He has been with coaches Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins in international formations. Carol is passionate about traveling and speaks 4 languages. She is currently the Executive Director and Coaching Institute's main coach.
Headquater: Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Jonas Pires

Founder and CEO of Maximize High Performance Training

Jonas Pires is Founder and CEO of Maximize High Performance Training, WEALTH COACHING PROGRAM. He is Business Coach and Marketing Specialist, graduate in marketing and sales management. Negotiator, entrepreneur, speaker of motivation and sales, author of training programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople and people who seek high performance in their results. ​
Headquarter: Minas Gerais - Brazil

Ariel Nobre

Ministerial Coaching Trainer

Master Coach, Business Coach, Lider Coach, graduated from IBC, journalist and professional photographer, Post Graduation in People Management with Coaching, Creator and Senior Coach of Ministerial Coaching, writer, author of the book "Coaching Ministerial - Until We Get to Perfection ), businessman and Pastor. ​
Headquarter: Manaus - Brazil

Clailton Luiz

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Master Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach and Behavioral Analyst. Certified from: Behavioral Coaching Institute – BCI; International Association of Coaching; ECA – European Coaching Association; FACTED – Faculdades Darwin; Global Coaching Community (GCC); Internacional Coaching Council; Metaforum International; PRME e Global Compact - ONU; Graduate School of Master Coaches; FMentoring e Holomentoring® Sistem ISOR®; ​
Author of the books: "Jesus Meu Coach" and "Impulsão Empresarial" ​
Headquarter: Florianópolis - Brazil

Agus Gunario

Businnes Coach - Action Coach International
International Trainer - Haggai Institute International

Agus has been training leaders in many countries. Certified business and life coach with great experience in leadership, and in company coaching also is a facilitator and motivational speaker. Faculty Development Training and Advanced Leadership at the Haggai Institute in Hawaii.
Headquarter: Jacarta - Indonesia ​

Marco Meda

He is a Trainer in Human Development with training in the largest national and international institutes in the areas of behavioral and emotional intelligence. He is a writer and trainer in Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with specializations in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Coaching. He has developed more than 80 training programs in Brazil based on personal and professional transformation, using his specializations in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology as fundamental tools.
Marco Meda holds lectures and teaches training programs in the areas of leadership, oratory, customer service, sales and negotiation. Already trained more than 25 thousand people in the last 10 years. It is known today in the market for its espoused characteristic, simple, intense, captivating and exciting.
With his wife Josi Meda, The Meda Couple are important references in the personal development market, preparing highly trained Coaches in the art of transforming people.
Headquarter: São Paulo - Brazil ​

Josi Meda

Pedagogue and NLP Master Practitioner . With specializations in Andragogy and Model 6Ds for training development have also created the "Meda Leader Training" experiential method with several versions for the development of leadership skills and potentialization of teams, with more than 80 classes already performed by the country.
With her husband Marco, The Meda Couple are important references in the personal development market, preparing highly trained Coaches in the art of transforming people. Adding all the formations and specialties of “Casal Meda” in the last 20 years, have a compendium of more than 10 thousand hours of training, with an average of 250 hours of training per year.
Headquarter: São Paulo - Brazil ​

Katia Paiva

Master Coach & Trainer, Behavioral Financial Consultant, Development of People and Organizations. Kátia Paiva has more than 35 years of experience in the Brazilian Financial Market. Graduated in Accouting Sciences, with post Graduation in Management and Quality Technology.
She is Master Coach Certified by seven recognized international institutions, such as Brazilian Coaching Institute (IBC), Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC), European Coaching Association (ECA), Global Coaching Community (GCC) , Metaforum International (MI), International Association of Coaching (IAC), Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) and certified by Financial Coaching Institute (ICF). Especializes in behavioral training using Neuroliquistical Programming. Creator of Program for Excellence and Advanced Development of Leaders - PEDAL .
Headquarter: Minas Gerais - Brazil ​

Fernando Mora

Fernando Mora has worked with trainings, lectures on topics for professional and personal development in various companies and segments throughout Brazil.

→ Founding Director Ellite Consultoria;
→ Business Administrator Emphasis in Marketing- (UNIP-UniversidadePaulista);
→ Master Executive Coach- (IBC-InstitutoBrasileirodeCoaching);
→ Master Trainer- (CAC-CenterForAdvancedCoaching);
→ Facilitator Andragógica Methodology- (UNISABIN-Corporative University);
→ Behavioral Trainer- (IFT-Institute Training of Trainers);
→ Behavioral Analyst- (GCC-GlobalCoachingCommunity);
→ Training of Multipliers- (BusinessCollection Integration);
→ Training in Andragogy Methodology- (SPEE);
→ Formation of the Disney Magic Strategy (ABTD / DisneyInstitute);
→ Throughout these 16 years, FernandoMora, has developed his own first methodology based on advanced learning concepts such as Coaching, Andragogy and his practical experience behind the scenes in Disney.

Headquarter: São Paulo - Brazil ​